Living with two life-threatening diagnoses, I wanted to be sure that my Will reflected how my estate was handled after my death and, more importantly, my wishes for a peaceful and dignified end of life. Amelia’s guidance was immeasurable. There were a lot of decisions to consider, so many things I hadn’t thought of. I am comforted by the fact that I’m not leaving my family with unanswered questions. So very grateful to Amelia! I cannot recommend her services strongly enough.
— E.A.
Working with Amelia brought to our arsenal a high office of pragmatism and insight. She brings to the table a very sharp mind and an intuitive heart.
She is gifted with an uncanny ability to quickly assess your situation and find equitable and harmonious resolutions. Her extensive consideration and understanding of what is required, not only saves you time and money, but provides you with a better understanding and a more stable peace of mind.
Amelia Manera makes it feel effortless the way she helps you through the process. She gives directives and guidance to ensure that your objectives are clearly thought through and serve the greater good.
...and, then, she is there for you, not only before and after, but for whatever may arise after that.
This kind of support is worth everything.
— M.B.
I always thought making a Will was solely to formally write down the names of people who would receive money after I died, but Amelia explained more of the technical aspects in an easy to understand way.
Amelia helped clarify some misconceptions I had about Wills. I now have a better understanding of these important documents and I am so grateful to Amelia for this important information.
— E.M.A.